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preformed  dead end
preformed  dead end
preformed  dead end
preformed  dead end

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preformed dead end


Heliformed dead-ends,manufactured of aluminum covered steel or galvanized steel,is designed for single-pole distribution construction. Mechanical strength meets the requirements of primaries, secondaries,and substation feeders.

Heliformed dead-end is recommended for direct application over plastic jacketed(not fabric covered) conductor.

Coated dead-ends are also recommended for jacketed conductor.The Heliformed dead-ends is designed to grip the conductor uniformly to prevent distortion of the conductor.It also offers a unique design that eliminates bolts, nuts,washers and other component parts that may become lost or damaged during installation or in service.

During installation,and at all times,care should be taken to avoid gouging or damaging the coating of the Heliforrried dead-end or the conductor itself.Heliformed dead-ends should not be used as tools;for example come-alongs, puling-in grips.etc.Tools are not required nor recommended to install Heliformed dead-ends, except for hot stick applications.

Safety Considerations

  • 1. This product is intended for a single (one-time) use and for the specified application
  • 2. This product is intended for use by trained craftspeople only. This product should not be used by anyone who is not familiar with and trained in the use of it.
  • 3. When working in the area of energized lines with this product,extra care should be taken to prevent accidental electrical contact.
  • 4. For proper performance and personal safety be sure to select the proper size with preformed Armor Rods and clamps according the conductors size before application.
  • 5. Dead ends are precision insure proper perform a nee, they should be stored in cartons under cover and handled carefully.

The Dead ends are simple installation,except the need the screwdriver to seperated the conductor ends,usually needn't any other tools just install by hand

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