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Yueqing Export Online Fair 2021 (Power & Energy Station)
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The electrical industry of Yueqing City originated from the end of 1970s and early 1980s. During nearly 40 years of development, the scale and profit of the industry kept expanding and improving, and it has gradually transformed from block economy to modern industrial cluster. The total output value of electrical industry has reached 100 billion, and has become the first 100-billion industrial cluster in Wentai area, among which, the leading products, low voltage electrical appliances, account for more than 60% of the national market share. In 2010, it was named as National New Industrialization Demonstration Base of Equipment Manufacturing (Electrical and Electrical Field) ; In 2011, China Chamber of Commerce For Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products awarded it the title of "China Low Voltage Electrical Appliance Export Base"; in 2012, it was listed as the Demonstration and Establishment Unit of Zhejiang Province's Industrial Leading County (City and District), ranking the fifth in the province for three consecutive years, and won the title of advanced unit for five consecutive years; in 2018, it was listed as the provincial pilot city of transformation and promotion of traditional manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province. Yueqing City has been awarded the titles of "China Electric Appliance Capital", "China Explosion-Proof Electrical Production Base", "China Circuit Breaker Production Base", "National Torch Planning Intelligent Electrical Industry Base", "National New Industrialization Demonstration Base of Equipment Manufacturing (Electrical and Electrical Field)" and other titles.


Yueqing electric industrial cluster has gradually upgraded from simple low-voltage to complete sets of equipment, intelligent electrical and other fields. Its product structure has expanded from single low-voltage electrical components production to a veriaty of products of more than 200 series, 6000 types and 25000 models covering fields of power transmission, transformation, distribution and smart grid user equipment, industrial control appliances, sensors and various special purpose electrical equipment. It has formed a huge and relatively complete industrial chain and nearly 20 professional small industries. Many rewards were given to the city, such as "China Electrical Capital", "National New Industrialization Demonstration Base of Equipment Manufacturing (Electrical and Electrical Field)", "National Torch Planning Intelligent Electrical Industry Base", "China Circuit Breaker Production Base".

By 2019, there are more than 11900 electric manufacturing enterprises in the city, including more than 830 enterprises with above state designated scale and 128 enterprises with productive value of more than 100 million yuan. There are 3 top 500 enterprises of China and 7 listed companies. The electric industry of the city has about 300000 employees, and about 250000 people are engaged in electrical marketing outside. There are more than 30000 domestic marketing and after-sales service outlets, 380 logistics distribution centers, 170 foreign subsidiaries or marketing outlets and 15 logistics service centers. Yueqing city also possesses 43 Chinese well-known trademarks, 13 famous Chinese brand in electric industry as well as 1795 low-voltage electrical appliances manufacturers with 3C certificates, holding 33876 valid 3C certification certificates and 215 industrial product production licenses in total. Yueqing city also participates in the development of 10 international standards, 451 national standards, 205 industry standards and  plays a leading role in the formulation of 37 national standards, 30 industry standards. In 2019, the productive value of low voltage electrical appliances of Yueqing exceeded 100 billion yuan, including 590 production enterprises with above state designated scale and more than 900 export enterprises. The export volume reached 10.7 billion yuan, accounting for 56% of the total export of Zhejiang Province.



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