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B Type circuit breaker
B Type circuit breaker
B Type circuit breaker
B Type circuit breaker
B Type circuit breaker
B Type circuit breaker

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B Type circuit breaker


***It is B type RCCB***


Type B RCCBs, in addition to normal AC, can detect high frequency AC and pure DC earth leakage currents. Reducing the risk of fire and/or electrocution through automatic disconnection of the electrical supply relies on the selection of the correct type of RCCB.


Application Example

EV & PV installations
Frequency converters
UPS installations
High-frequency power converters
Building site power supply cabinets
1.1 Function
         Control electric circuits.
         Protect people against indirect contacts and additionalprotection against direct   contacts.
        Protect installations against fire hazard due to insulation faults.Residual current circuit breakers are used in housing, tertiarysector and industry
1.2 Selection
        Detectable wave form
        B class
      Tripping is ensured for sinusoidal AC residual currents pulsed DCresidual currents,
alternating  residual sinusoidal currents up to1000Hz, pulsating direct residual 
currents and for smooth   directresidual currents, whether applied suddenly or increasing slowly.
      Tripping sensitivity
      30mA -additional protection against direct contact.
     Tripping time

      It ensures instantaneous tripping (without time- delay).

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